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If you are interested in opening up a club on campus, please see Mr. Lovins, Mr. Slavin, or Ms. Flores for more information.

Skate Club

Advisor: Mr. Brown

The Skate Club is to create an inclusive and active environment for students that are interested in developing their understanding of: the sport, culture and impact of skateboarding on global society. Students visit skate-parks once every other week in order to practice and learn new skateboarding maneuvers. Students also collaborate with the club advisor and school staff in order to create new multimedia and cultural projects that further the proliferation and understanding of the sport and culture. Lastly, students are challenged to assess their understanding of the history of skateboarding and develop their own perspective on how they am to perpetuate the culture for future generations.

Sports Club

Advisor: Mr. Lovins

Sports Club is a club open to middle school students who are interested in playing and learning about different kinds of sports. It is a fun club to join to stay fit and active. 

Student Ambassadors

Advisor: Ms. Flores


Aptitud’s Student Ambassadors represent Aptitud Community Academy at Goss both on and off campus. This organization/club is looking for students that demonstrate excellent communication skills and leadership potential. The Student Ambassadors provide the appropriate resources and information about our school and helps out during any school event on and off campus.



  • Open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders

  • Must have a GPA of 2.6 or higher before applying and while serving.

  • Must be willing to attend any events on and off campus, before, during, and/or after school (including weekends)

  • Must have a means for transportation for any events off campus

  • Must be willing to work with other students, organizations, faculty, and staff

  • Cannot have any referrals and/or citations

  • Must be willing to give presentations when necessary


Benefits of being a Student Ambassador:

  • Develops leadership, communication, and presentation skills which are essential for any future career

  • Helps to network within our community


Los estudiantes embajadores de Aptitud representan Aptitud Community Academy at Goss en y fuera del campus. Esta organización está buscando estudiantes que muestran potencial de liderazgo y excelentes habilidades de comunicación. Los embajadores del estudiante proporcionan los recursos adecuados y la información sobre nuestra escuela y ayuda a durante cualquier evento de la escuela en y fuera del campus.



  • Abierto para los estudiantes de la secundaria

  • Debe tener un promedio de 2.6 o más alto antes de aplicar y durante el servicio.

  • Deben estar dispuestos a asistir a cualquier evento en y fuera de la escuela, antes, durante o después de la escuela (incluyendo fines de semana)

  • Debe tener un medio de transporte para cualquier evento fuera de la escuela

  • Debe estar dispuesto a trabajar con otros estudiantes, organizaciones, profesores y personal

  • No puede tener referrals or citations

  • Deben estar dispuestos a dar presentaciones cuando sea necesario


Beneficios de ser un embajador de estudiante:

  • Desarrolla habilidades de liderazgo, comunicación y presentación que es esencial para cualquier futura carrera

  • Ayuda construir relaciones profesionales